Paper 2 on Propaganda

Paper 2 on Propaganda - ENG 15 Paper #2 "The Effects of...

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ENG 15 Paper #2 “The Effects of Propaganda” A man once said that “Propaganda has no principles of its own. It has only one goal, and in politics that goal is always to conquer the masses. Any means to that end is good and any means that does not serve the end is bad.” I agree with this statement because I believe that politicians and rulers will do whatever is necessary to achieve power and status. Most people, by nature, will always go along with the majority. Of course there are exceptions; for rebels will always be. The rest of the population, however, usually agrees with everyone else, even if they do not understand or know why. For example, America is at war with the Middle East right now. So many Americans have an opinion about this war. Many disagree and many agree, but not many of them can tell you why they feel that way. It makes me sick to think of how stupid people are. They are so passionate about hating President Bush and they are so anti-war, but they do not even know why! So many teenagers wear anti-Bush t-shirts because their
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Paper 2 on Propaganda - ENG 15 Paper #2 "The Effects of...

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