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tropical fruits - also for beverages The next tropical...

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Rachel Carlson Biol 120A Extra Credit I went to my local supermarket to research a few of their tropical fruits. After picking out a few I returned home and searched for more information of the fruits. The first one I found was a Pineapple. The scientific name for the fruit is Annas Comosus. Pineapples are usually eaten fresh. While in the ground they are better with acidic soil, sun and water. The best growing temperature for this fruit is 68-95 degrees Fahrenheit. The next fruit was a Kiwi. They are green with brown hair. They are grown on a fast growing vine which is 30 feet. They native home is China. People use these to eat fresh and
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Unformatted text preview: also for beverages. The next tropical fruit was a hot pepper which comes in many different kinds. The one that I came across was very yellow in color. After more research I found that they come mostly from Peru. It gives off a juicy flavor with an extreme heat taste as well. The last fruit I found was an Apple. Its scientific name is a Malus Pumila. Research states that it is the most popular fruit available. Every winter season an apple tree needs an average of 750 to 1,000 hours of chilling. Many people eat them fresh or use them in drinks or many different foods....
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