unit 4 #1 - Rachel Carlson Summary #1 Unit 4 April 16, 2008...

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Rachel Carlson Summary #1 Unit 4 April 16, 2008 Dealing with your parents getting a divorce is hard enough and when you throw in a whole new family on top of that with a new mom and dad and more siblings it can really take a toll on a child’s emotions. The divorced families and stepfamilies face many challenges. In order to maintain equilibrium there needs to be a smooth transition. In the first article by Dunn about Understanding Children’s Family World’s, Dunn discussed that there is an increasing amount of children experiencing their parents separating. I found it very important that they discussed the parent’s pasts and how that can affect the children. Parents who were young and cohabited a lot, young pregnancy, or had unhappy childhood experiences were noted to tend to be less affectionate towards their children. It also stated that it was very hard for children to not only deal with their parents not being together but to learn that they have a new partner. This brings to the start of Blended Families by Portrie and Hill. It was shocking percentage to me that 50% of people are getting divorced and also 20% of children under the age of 18 are living in step-parent households. An important point that was discussed in this article was that the conflict that goes on with the biological parents seems to
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unit 4 #1 - Rachel Carlson Summary #1 Unit 4 April 16, 2008...

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