bullshitessay - Grant Casserly 7/16/07 Judicial Affairs...

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Grant Casserly 7/16/07 Judicial Affairs What I Have Learned How important is ethics? Growing up as a kid my parents and teachers taught me to differentiate right from wrong. My basic law of ethics is well understood and followed, but on March 14, 2007, I decided to ignore and rebel from my true ways. Knowing that underage drinking is illegal, I proceeded to use even less judgment by taking my drink out in the public. Although this was against my upbringing and conscious, I decided to drink anyways. Furthermore, I am going to look into how I may better assess myself when confronted in a similar situation. Talking and watching my fellow peers, I believe that today’s youth is plagued with Kidder Rushworth’s philosophy of “the veil of ignorance.” Kidder describes this as an impartial judgment deriving from lack of information. If “we” the younger generations where better informed of the strict line of laws, more people like myself would not make impartial judgments that can ruin there future. What I am saying is that I have been informed that drink in public and underage is against the law, but I would have been extremely careful if I knew I was subjected to suspension. NO MATTER what has happened, I know that I was in the wrong and I deserve my punishment in full. I wish that I would of been more aware of the consequences of my poor choice.
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bullshitessay - Grant Casserly 7/16/07 Judicial Affairs...

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