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Volcom triple crown - Foster Thalheimer The Volcom Triple...

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Foster Thalheimer 9/10/05 The Volcom Triple Crown The Volcom Triple Crown competition, my very first snowboarding competition in Park City Utah during the winter of 2005, was the most intense and nerve-wracking experience. It was the winter on 2005 high up in the mountains of Park City Utah.I stared down the mountain, eyes wide open and legs trembling, as I watched some of the best amateurs and pros freakishly whipping their body in ways only Gumby could execute as they flung themselves 40 feet in the air and 90 feet long. But, my mind focused on one thing only, the infamous 90-foot jump demanding so much respect it has gained the nickname “The Monster”. The most famous and respected jump at any resort in the United States. This jump is infamous for ruining snowboarder’s careers and punishing them badly for any slight mistake. I sat atop “The Monster” staring down with envy and awe. This one formation of snow had the power of God; the powers to end careers and lives, or produce a rush of ecstasy. “Yo Coach,” I screamed waving my hand for Austin, my snowboard coach, to come over. “There is no way in hell I’m hitting these jumps. These people are nuts!” Austin put his hand on my shoulder, flipped his snowboard around to use as a seat, and sat next to me. “Hey buddy, I know that you have never launched a jump this big, but you
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Volcom triple crown - Foster Thalheimer The Volcom Triple...

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