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Feminine and Masculine Love Foster Thalheimer Francesca Cancian 9/12/05 1987 Summary of Feminine and Masculine Love by Cancian Feminine and Masculine Love , as the title suggests is about the differences between the males and females perspective of love and the way our culture accepts and expects the different type of love between men and women. Men focus on the sexual aspect of the relationship and have a tougher time with expressing their emotions than women. Men have to feel like men in relationships. They need women to need them, and need to be the dominant person in the relationship. Men also “tend to have distinctive style of love that focuses on practical help, shared physical activities, spending time together and sex” (73). Women need a strong man to depend on, and like to feel vulnerable. Also, this piece discusses the pieces of a good relationship. For example there are
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Unformatted text preview: four key elements that make a good relationship: affection, caring, commitment, and specialness. Without these elements, a couple cannot form a healthy, lasting relationship. Cancian concludes the piece by summarizing the differences between the love of women and the love of men. In these short paragraphs, Cancian states that men are “not as unskilled in love as the feminine perspective suggests. There is a distinctive masculine style of love focused on help, shared activities, and sex…” (76). A woman’s idea of love involves “ unequal power between the sexes, implying that women need love and marriage much mor than men and are much more skilled at love” (76) which Cancian proved to be not true....
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