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CTCS 190 Lecture – Week XIII THE POSTMODERNIST PERIOD: 1977-Present A. Conditions and Causes for Postmodernism in American Film 1. The postmodern condition, 1977-present 2. The emphasis on business and technology 3. Youth Culture B. Postmodernism 1. A periodizing concept a. Correalate the emergence of new formal features of our culture b. Reaction and extension to modernism i. Modernism had been codified and crystallized by late 70s ii. However continues modernist trends 2. An aesthetic sensibility a. Technology at the service of commerce i. Film should appeal to largest consumer group b. Disregard and disrespect for “reality” i. Disrespect integrity of art Beowulf c. The erasure of the distinction between high and low culture into “pop culture” i. Modernism brought high culture into movies ii. Postmodernism departs and consolidates iii. Mix of high and low culture E.g. DeNiro, foremost actor of his day, doing Amex comericals
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Unformatted text preview: d. The practice of pastiche i. Imitation without parody or satire ii. Blank parody – erases criticism of parody iii. “This movie is like that one” • Eg. Pulp Fiction – based in style iv. Depthlessness e. Nostalgia for the past i. Regurgitating the past ii. Both setting/period and genre iii. Present past in terms not of historical reality but representational images iv. Reflection of the reflection of the past f. The mode of schizophrenic experience i. Believe that the self is fragmented ii. Very little holding film together g. The love of the cult of heterogeneity h. The “hip” attitude i. Film designed to give you blasé feeling ii. Prefers sensation rather than substance iii. Creates deep cynicism about representation i. Postmodern auteurs – they imitate but maintain individuality • E.g. Speilberg, Scorcese, Cohen Brothers...
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