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final for music 15

final for music 15 - Ex “The Moldeau” Bedrich Smetana...

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1. During the Romantic period, many composers began to explore the concept of national identity in their music. Pick two of the following genres and discuss how each was used to support a nationalist agenda: Lied, Character Piece, and Symphonic Poem. You will need to give detailed musical descriptions of a piece in each of the genres you choose. Romantic Period - genres that were more intimate. Expressing your own ideas and thoughts. Lied Symphonic Poem Lied- German word for “song”. It is usually accompanied symphonic poem-one movement orchestral By the piano. that develops a poetic idea, suggests a scene O or creates a mood. Ex: “Erkling” by Franz Schubert
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Unformatted text preview: Ex: “The Moldeau” Bedrich Smetana Characteristics: Characteristics: Minor- dark sound => Major in 3 rd stanza theme starts in E minor moves • Word painting among G major, E major and back to peasant dance: lower and lower E minor registars nymphs in the moonlight: high As an example of musical nationalism, registar • Change in quality: High Register The Moldau illustrates musically the • Quadruple meter beauty of the Bohemian countryside and • Through composed the river. • Sounds like a dance song • 8 th stanza- recitative style Registar Repetition- “ my father my father”(higher and higher) Operatic style Dance like...
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