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econ 114 syllabus - Cynthia Benelli

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Cynthia Benelli Economics 114 / Spring 2008 T-Th 9:30-10:55 Webb1100 Economic Development Course Description Why isn’t the whole world developed? How should countries and international institutions work to alleviate poverty and malnutrition? This course will study the special problems faced by less developed countries and the economic mechanisms in raising living standards. The goal of the course is not simply to have you learn facts and theories about poor countries—instead, the goal is you learn how economists approach problems of development. As such, the bulk of the course will be devoted to in-depth analysis of the theories, economic models and their application. Topics discussed in this course include economic growth, the causes of underdevelopment, poverty and income distribution, population growth, rural-urban migration, agriculture, and other topics. The required textbook is: Ray, Debraj. (1998) Development Economics , Princeton University Press. Class materials will be posted on-line. You will also find statistics and other material related to the course. It is strongly suggested you periodically check for updated information or material to supplement the lectures. The link is: This course requires a degree of comfort with working through formal arguments (mathematical, logical, and graphical). Formally, you should be able to deal with simple algebraic, graphical proofs and calculus. Further background, in statistics and game
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theory, is helpful but not required. Similarly, you should be conversant with micro and macroeconomic modeling. Additionally, you should have taken econ 1 and econ 2 or
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econ 114 syllabus - Cynthia Benelli

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