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Glazer 1 Jay Glazer THTR 101 Anita Dashiell-Sparks February 28, 2008 Essay #1 3-D Movie Monster There Will Be Blood , a 2008 film written and directed by P.T. Anderson, tells the tale of a seemingly inhuman man and his unquenchable greed. Initially, it seems as if there is nothing to prevent him from becoming a typical movie monster. He is evil, greedy, and unforgivably cruel. Yet what made Daniel Day Lewis a winner in the 2008 Academy Awards is his unique and complicated portrayal of a seemingly unredeemable character. Through close analysis and examination, Lewis’ performance emphasizes the decaying sense of morality associated with the distinct yet misguided American sense of ambition and pride. One of the most effective aspects of Daniel Day Lewis’ performance is the use of his voice. His character, Daniel Plainview is an orator, above all else. He declares early on in the film that he believes in “good old-fashioned plain speaking.” Plainview does not fail to deliver on this promise. Lewis conveys this through “his locution, the precise but laconic way he unpacks his tattered leather suitcase full of sentences, is borrowed straight from John Huston; he even mimics perfectly the grayed, whiskery undertones of Huston's voice” (Zacharek). Lewis embodies a ruthless caricature of American greed and ambition in his portrayal of Plainview. Despite the first substantial dialogue occurring nearly thirty minutes into the film, Lewis’ vocals stand out as perhaps the most effective way that Plainview is revealed. While it initially seems as if Plainview’s behavior is motivated purely by his own sense of narcissism and pride, his subtle use of influence reveals his humanity. Lewis’
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Glazer 2 performance much encompasses much more than the words written in the script. The audience learns early in the film that H.W. is the son of a miner that died in an accident, and Plainview adopts the child initially out of love. After the accident, Plainview holds the child protectively, and this early indication that Plainview has some humanity makes his later manipulation more forgivable. During one particularly telling scene, Lewis discovers that the innocent and feral
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There Will Be Blood - Glazer 1 Jay Glazer THTR 101 Anita...

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