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PetersonDurkheim - Peterson Durkheim 1 1 Why is Durkheim's...

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Peterson – Durkheim 1
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1. Why is Durkheim’s explanation of suicide significant in the history of the discipline of sociology? Describe his major findings and important contributions. In times past and present, we usually attribute someone committing suicide to their own personal factors, completely failing to consider the fact that maybe something bigger than themselves is to blame. Emile Durkheim on the other hand saw suicide as “a manifestation of changes in society” instead of thinking something is psychologically wrong. He made a case that suicide is more likely to occur in certain situations and in certain communities more than others. Using the comparative method, Durkheim compared “existing official statistics and historical records” in order to assess suicide rates across several different groups. He argued that if suicide was purely a psychological desperation, that there wouldn’t end up
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