Transitions to Democracy - Causes and Reasons for Success

Transitions to Democracy - Causes and Reasons for Success -...

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Unformatted text preview: T ransitions to Democracy: Causes and Conditions for Success I. Causes Crisis of the Old Regime The process from authoritarianism to democracy should be studied A lot of features of a chess game: leaders have to plan which moves to make when - - dont know what will happen when they give up government Distinction between HOW and WHY transitions come about (WHY = what events, leaders) When transitions are successful = Consolidation of Democracy You dont have transition at all unless there is a tragedy o Authoritarian break down usually the immediate cause Ideological Weakness of the Old Regime (Latin America) ODonnell authority on bureaucratic authoritarianism Authoritarianism breaks down because they have to justify themselves with national interest (usually military) Rely on public acquiescence Military has to take over because democracy was causing chaos This acquiescence / limited legitimacy tended to by undermined by favor from foreign capital Foreign capital breaks down the support for authoritar ianism Economic Crisis South Europe oil crisis (1970s) South Africa economic sanctions External Context European Union Domestic and multinational business didnt have interest in authoritarianism, wanted countries to join the EU EU provides economic incentive through prospect of membership by becoming democratic Hastened regimes downfall especially in South Europe External Defeat In Europe, Greece, Portugal, and Argentina - - patter = o Get involved in foreign policies so much that when they are defeated they lose power Argentina - - Falkland War o...
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Transitions to Democracy - Causes and Reasons for Success -...

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