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The Netherlands

The Netherlands - The Netherlands 1 Basics of the Dutch...

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The Netherlands 1) Basics of the Dutch Political System Constitutional Arrangement – Monarchy, Unitary State, Bicameral Dutch Monarch is more involved: chooses coalitions, decides which one must be chosen Lower house = 150 seats Pure proportional representation - - only .677% of the vote needed to start a party o causes the formation of a lot of single topic parties (i.e. animal rights) Whole country is treated as one district Electoral System This system was installed in 1917, the system preceding it was single member district Have four elections: municipal, provincial, EU Parliament, Lower House First Chamber (Upper House) is appointed by the Queen or the Minister of Internal Affairs Prime Minister can be voted out and replaced by a caretaker government o Can’t pass major legislation but will baby sit until the next election o Much like Germany Compulsory voting until 1970 2) Stylized Facts a. Importance of External Factors External factors are significant in political development Before the 14 th Century, was composed of individual city-states like North Italy competing against each other o Main players were the Flanders (in North Belgium and South Netherlands
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1358 – 1477 - - - Burgundian Century Bergundan city-state expands and takes over Flanders Acts as a buffer between France and Germany 1477 – 1588 - - - Hapsburg Century
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The Netherlands - The Netherlands 1 Basics of the Dutch...

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