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The British Political System

The British Political System - 1 Britain has national labor...

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The British Political System An Unwritten Constitution 1) Can be considered having written a Constitution in that it is a part of the EU and is bound by its bill of rights 2) Otherwise there is no written constitution 3) Prime Ministers fall by a vote of no confidence 4) Very stable system i. British party system is a factor (2 party) ii. Regional devolution is occurring The Party and the Electoral Systems 1) SMD punishes the minority parties 2) Sometimes governments will call elections before their term is up to make unpopular decisions Interest Group Politics: The Failure of Corporatism
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Unformatted text preview: 1) Britain has national labor union called the Trade Union Congress a) Labor party launched it 2) In the 1970s when economic trouble hit, the government brought together the TUC and the CBI (Industry) to hammer out a deal a) TUC agreed to freeze wages in return for the government’s promise to keep unemployment low b) This agreement broke down - - the failure of corporatism i) Unions that belonged to the TUC refused to go along with the deal ii) Because of this unions have become much less popular and now they are weakened...
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