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Political Development Overview - Political Development:...

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Political Development: Understanding Political Change I. Questions II. Stylized facts Stylized fact = summary way of describing historical even Most common distinction is between countries that developed economically early - - Advanced Industrialized Countries , and countries that developed later A. Early Developers (AICs) Different Paths to Democracy B. Developing Countries and Post-Colonial States (LDCs and NICs) LDC = Less Developed Countries NIC = Next Industrialized Countries The conditions which later economic countries develop under may be changed by the fact that they are behind Dependency theory = body of theories that look at how a country is affected by being behind many are post-colonial states some (i.e. Latin America) have a long history of being colonized but got independence relatively early but remained economically dependent cultural commonalities to the west C. Transitions from Authoritarianism to Democracy III. Approaches A. Emphasizing internal factors Political culture and class analysis
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Political Development Overview - Political Development:...

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