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PSY2012 Example Test Questions - c dependent independent d...

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Example Test Questions NOTE : I wanted to make these example questions available to ensure that you get a sense of the types of conceptual questions that will be on the test. There will be factual questions as well, but as you can see, these questions require you to go beyond the facts to use what you know by applying it to novel situations. 1. In an experiment, Dr. Foster tests the effects of alcohol on memory by giving her experimental group a real beer and her control group a non-alcoholic beer. She then measures each group's performance on a memory test 20 minutes later. In this experiment, the presence or absence of alcohol is the __________ variable, and performance on the memory test is the _________ variable. a. correlational; causal b. causal; correlational
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Unformatted text preview: c. dependent; independent d. independent; dependent 2. At age 10, Helen received a spinal tap, an excruciatingly painful procedure in which spinal fluid is removed from the spine. At age 20 she gives blood regularly and, relative to the spinal tap she received as a child, doesn't perceive this procedure as painful. This is an example of how ________ can influence our perception of pain. a. culture b. contextual factors c. past experience d. personality 3. If we could stop our eyes from quivering as we stared at a stationary object, the object would probably: a. vanish from sight b. stimulate feature detector cells located in the retina c. appear more brilliantly colored d. appear to change colors Answers on the next page Answers: d, c, a...
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PSY2012 Example Test Questions - c dependent independent d...

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