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Discussion Report 8 - amendment is used as a cop out for...

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Brandon Chapman ID: 10755846 October 30, 2006 During the 1990’s, many universities in the united states implemented policies that sought to ban hate speech. The courts overturned those rules. People have the right to say hateful things about other people. But have the courts gone too far? Should society have the right to ban hate speech, especially speech that focuses on minorities or ethnic groups? Surely, we all have the right to freedom of speech. However, where we draw the line is essentially what this question is addressing. I believe that in some cases, the first
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Unformatted text preview: amendment is used as a cop out for people to say mean and hurtful things that aren’t socially acceptable. Racist remarks, hate comments, and verbal threats should certainly be banned. Especially at universities, where it is easier to control. In elementary school all throughout high school, it was perfectly allowed to ban inappropriate language, so why shouldn’t universities be able to do the same thing? While freedom of speech agrees with our country’s laws, making people feel like they don’t belong is totally against what America is all about....
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