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Brandon Chapman Discussion Report #1 Progressing and changing is, of course, part of life. Change is necessary in order to not only better ourselves, but also better the world we live in. Progressions in technology, fashion, clothing, style, behavior, language, and everything in between are an intricate part of humanity and who we are today. On the other hand, where do we draw the line? If progression and change makes us better, then why not just forget all of our older traditions completely and just concentrate totally on progression? The answer is in our past. Whether we like it or not, the reason that we are who we are in this world is because of how we
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Unformatted text preview: were brought up. Every little thing we are exposed to, and every little thing that our parents were exposed to, has a profound impact on who we become. Mass media, which includes everything from a TV commercial to a picture on the side of the bus, has an impact on us every day of our existence. Mass media is responsible for planting ideas in peoples heads, and impacting people(particularly young people). Therefore, I believe that All mass media, particularly media that is targeting children, should maintain an equilibrium between change, and maintaining old values and morals....
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