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COM 318: Fall Semester 2006 Practice Exam Exam #2 KEY Name: Practice Exam #2 Student I.D.:___________________________ Choose the BEST answer: 1. We often see pictures in the media of President Bush jogging or bicycling, which tend to strengthen his credibility. On the contrary, Vice President Cheney has lost credibility due to reports of his ailing health. These are examples of which dimension of credibility that we discussed in lecture? a. Trustworthy/ Safe b. Competent/ Expert c. Reliable/ Healthy d. Trained/ Fit e. Dynamic/ Energetic* 2. Tariq is a contestant on the trivia game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire. He has the option to “phone a friend” if he is unsure of an answer. He has chosen to phone Professor Stewart because Professor Stewart is more knowledgeable than he is in a variety of areas. What does his decision demonstrate about credibility? 3. The credibility of the Red Cross has fluctuated over the years due to allegations of financial mismanagement and other questionable practices. Their image was particularly damaged after 9/11, when charges against the organization were at their worst. Since then, however, the organization’s credibility has risen again to pre-9/11 levels. Based on what you learned in lecture, what does this demonstrate about credibility? a. The effect of credibility diminishes overtime b. The effect of credibility improves overtime c. Tragedy enhances credibility d. Credibility is influenced by the mass media. e. Credibility changes over time.* 1
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4. In January, an explosion at the Sago mine in West Virginia trapped 13 miners for 41 hours. After hours of waiting, rumors spread amongst the miners’ families that all but one of the miners had survived. But several hours later mine officials reported that all but one had died. The credibility of the International Coal Group, which owned the mine, shifted rapidly, dropping when the explosion occurred, rising when reports spread that 12 men were found alive, and then dropping again once the news of the 12 deaths was reported. Based on what you learned in lecture, what does this demonstrate about credibility?
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