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Homework Assignment #2

Homework Assignment #2 - Glazer 1 Jay Glazer BUAD 304 Chris...

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Glazer 1 Jay Glazer BUAD 304 Chris Bresnahan February 27, 2008 Homework Assignment #2: Chapter 11: Case Incident 2: The Business Of Blogs 1. The communication process is the steps between a source and a receiver that result in the transference of understanding of meaning. The aspects of the communication process blogs are most likely to influence are the number of senders that are capable of having their messages heard and the ease in which the information becomes accessible. Unlike during the pre-internet era, anyone with an opinion can have their voice heard at no cost. As the case incident pointed out, people can write things, both positive and negative, on the Internet about their company for everyone to see. If there are unfair aspects of the company then blogs can expose this, as is such in the case incident. 2. There are several ways that companies can be affected by gossip on Internet blogs. Information that is supposed to be private can easily be read by anyone sitting at home with a computer.
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