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Class 5 - 9.5.06

Class 5 - 9.5.06 - Contemporary Thought of Minorities in...

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Unformatted text preview: Contemporary Thought of Minorities in Management Management 243 Interviewing September 5, 2006 Today's Agenda Administrative Announcements Collect Homework (Resume 2nd Draft) Guest Speakers (confirmed): Quote of the Day Interviewing Interviewing Workshop Setup for Next Class "The All Important Job Interview" Handout (disregard) Attendance Brandon Paschal Recruiter, Eli Lilly & Co.; 9/12 Jeff Kucer HR Regional Executive, National City Bank; 9/19 Procter & Gamble Recruiting Team; 9/21 Quote of the Day "Stress is reaction to fear." Professor Aldas Kriauciunas Interviews What are they looking for??? Your SKILL Your WILL Your FIT Specifically: Ability Character Loyalty Initiative Leadership Communication Skills Personality! Interviews Types Telephone Screening or Human Resources Hiring Manager (future manager) "Fly Back" or 2nd Panel or Committee Interviewing Skills Preparing SelfAssessment Research KSAO's Review Resume & STAR Grid Position Industry Organization Products, Services Culture Competitors Performance Interviewing Skills Position Yourself for Success Dress for Success! Suit, Jewelry Hair, Makeup, Fingernails Personal Hygiene Gather Supporting Materials Get Interview Details Directions Location Parking Interviewer Name Resumes, Transcripts, Portfolio, Application, etc. Practice Avoid Sounding Rehearsed Be Confident & Prepared= LESS STRESS (refer to quote of the day!) Interviewing Skills Strong Opening Make a Good First Impression! Arrive Early (1015 minutes) Check Makeup/Clothing Firm Handshake Pleasant Facial Expression Enthusiasm & Confidence Smile! Interviews Styles Traditional Functional "Tell me about yourself..." "What are your strengths & weaknesses?" Assesses functional knowledge "What are the costs associated with launching a box of Cheerios?" Predicts future performance by analyzing past performance Not how would you but, how did you! "Tell me about a time..." Behavioral STAR Grid Interviews Styles (cont.) Situational Case Hypothetical "Tell me what you would do in this situation..." Puzzles Problem/Solution RealLife Situation Team/Group Assessments "AdHoc" Empty Milk Carton "If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?" Interviews Tips for Successful Responses Refer to examples from STAR Grid Be concise but, avoid 2word answers Avoid being negative Be pleasant Put yourself on their team Don't hesitate to ask for clarification Be professional/personable Pay attention to your posture Take your time...it's ok to think (briefly) about your response Interviews Wrapping Things Up "Do You Have Any Questions For Me?" What is next course of action/What should I expect Cultural Career Path Details about Position Show interest in company, interviewer, and position. Avoid talking about salary, unless explicitly asked Limit (about 2) Handshake/Thank You FollowUp Thank You Note Subsequent Info (application, examples of work, etc.) Be Specific/At the very least, change the heading 12 Days Emails are OK Allude to something from interview Summary Know your strengths and skills (5 key selling points) Research the company and know their needs Demonstrate how your strengths match their needs Develop answers and practice them Prepare a list of questions for the interviewer Keep an Interview Journal Evaluate your performance Interviewer Contact Correspondences Follow up!!!!!!! Immediately!!!!!!!! Questions??? Interviewing Workshop For Next Class Due: Conversation Starter (5 pts) "Do you believe minorities have a tougher time finding a job than others? If so, why?" ...
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  • Management, Semi-structured interview, Documentary film techniques, STAR Grid Position Industry Organization, Interviewing Interviewing Workshop, Professor Aldas Kriauciunas

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