Assignment #1

Assignment #1 - such as Joe. 3. The stereotype may have...

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Jay Glazer 1. The negative stereotype of used car salesmen most likely developed because of those salesmen that are less honorable than Joe. Although he has integrity and enjoys helping people, there are many used car salesmen who are simply looking to turn a profit, regardless of the state of the vehicles that they sell. The conception about used car salesmen may in fact come from people’s actual experiences, but some of it comes from the nature of anyone selling a used product. It is natural for someone to be suspicious of a used product simply because it is not new. 2. To counter this stereotype, Joe can start an advertisement campaign and place newspaper and television ads that emphasize his honesty and integrated. This may serve to help his profits, as many car shoppers are wary about shady used car salesmen, and may be looking for a used car salesmen that has good intentions,
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Unformatted text preview: such as Joe. 3. The stereotype may have some utility to Joe. If customers come into the dealership with the misconception that Joe is going to be shifty and dishonest, and then are pleasantly surprised by his honesty and integrity, it could be a benefit. Joe would have an advantage over the negative reputations that many car salesmen have. 4. To change this stereotype, AutoNation may have offered certain services that would convince customers that they are different than many other used car salesmen. Such as a guarantee that is the car has any problems in a period of time following the date of purchase, the company will accept a refund. Further guarantees of satisfaction are necessary to break the misconception about used car companies....
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Assignment #1 - such as Joe. 3. The stereotype may have...

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