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Physics 2CL Summer II 2007 Name: Student ID: Section: Day____ Time ___ Quiz 6 Physics 2CL: Electricity, Magnetism, Waves, & Optics Laboratory 27 August 2007 Problem 1 [4 points] Using the Lens Equation f v u 1 1 1 = + and a table of data for 1 - u and 1 - v on can determine the focal length of the convergent lens in the laboratory. Hint : When u , f v = . a) Please write the linear equation to which you are asked to fit your data.
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Unformatted text preview: f u v 1 1 1 +-=--b) Please denote slope of the line. Slope = -1 c) Please discuss how focal length of the lens can be determined from the plot. Focal length of the lens is given by inverse of the y-intercept. Extra Credit [1 point] What type of lens is the crystalline lens of the human eye (e.g. biconcave, biconvex, plano-concave, etc. . . )?...
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