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Physics 2CL Summer II 2007 Name: Student ID: Section: Day____ Time ___ Quiz 7 (Last pre-laboratory quiz!) Physics 2CL: Electricity, Magnetism, Waves, & Optics Laboratory 27 August 2007 Problem 1 [2 points] Suppose that you conduct a single-slit diffraction experiment using a slit of width 0.130 mm (taken as exact value as per manufacturer specification) and a LASER. The diffraction pattern is visible m 3 . 0 7 . 1 ± away from the diffracting aperture. The average distance from the mid-point of the diffraction pattern to the first minimum to the right and to the left is mm. 2 . 0 7 . 6 ± Compute the wavelength of the LASER light and the respective uncertainty.
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Unformatted text preview: nm 90 510 = l Extra Credit 1 [1 point] Is the light source in Problem 1visible, and if so, what color is it? Green! Problem 2 [2 points] The figure below depicts a LASER beam coming from the left, deflected by a 30 o 60 o 90 o prism. What is the prisms index of refraction? Hint: Imagine that the beam originates on the opposite side. o o 48 sin 30 sin = n 49 . 1 = n Extra Credit 2 [1 point] In which material will light travel faster? a) Cubic zirconia or diamond? Please circle one. b) Diamond or silicon? Please circle one. 48 o...
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