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Glazer PHIL 137g Brandon Johns Reading Log Assignment (1) Could humans be gods to the creatures evolved out the biochip/nucleoproteins Vergil designed and incubated in his body? Could they be questing to understand their origins and trying to understand “the big picture”, the mind of “god”? (p 7) If so, would we have greater ethical importance? What if they, or other human creations such as the Android Data, evolve far beyond our capabilities: Would our relative moral standing decline? If a God is defined as a being that creates other beings, then in this sense Vergil is the God of the nucleoproteins that he creates. From bioengineering Vergil creates intelligent life, capable of evolving into very intelligent forms of life. This is like a God. This does not necessarily increase our ethical importance, because every being was created by something else, whether it is God, or simply evolution/science. The ability of Vergil to design these nucleoproteins is no different than any other life form being
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Blood_Music_and_Trinity_reading_log_assignment - Glazer...

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