Essay #1 on Flow

Essay #1 on Flow - Glazer 1 Jay Glazer CTCS 191 Etan Ilfeld...

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Glazer 1 Jay Glazer CTCS 191 Etan Ilfeld February 21, 2008 Essay #1 Television: A Group Experience Flow is defined as “television’s sequence of programs, commercials, news breaks, and so on. The overall flow of television is segmented into small parcels, which often bear little logical connection to one another” (Butler, 482). Television is formatted in such a manner that encourages viewers to continue to watch and to stay tuned in to a particular channel, despite interruptions from the program that most viewers intend to watch. Flow is important in both the micro and macro level of television programming, particularly in the twenty first century, when hundreds of channels threaten to draw the audience’s interest to other programs. However, in my observations the attention of the viewer is much less likely to be interrupted during a time segment in which a particular program is being watched by a group of people, rather than solely by one individual. This is due to the collective social experience associated with watching television in a group. Advertisers’ goal is to maintain the attention of the viewer; therefore, advertisements are watched more attentively by individuals within a group of viewers rather than by a sole viewer. The first observation takes place in a bedroom. The television is positioned on top of a bureau, and is approximately 20” in size. It is treated as both a source of entertainment and a piece of furniture, with notebooks and textbooks stacked atop it. It is well integrated into the room, with USC Trojan stickers adorning it, matching the décor of the bedroom. Demographically, the subject of the first observation is a twenty-year- old white male. The subject has a lifestyle similar to that of most college students
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Glazer 2 attending a private university. He belongs to a fraternity, enjoys sports, and studies business. Psychographically, he has a liberal political allegiance, and is a nondenominational Christian. During the twenty-minute observation, he watches a USC Trojans Men’s basketball game during the afternoon. He fits into a somewhat narrow target audience, which is particularly what many advertisers are seeking. The purity of his demographic, psychographic, and lifestyle group is attractive to advertisers because it increases the efficiency of advertisements, which seek to find a narrow yet powerful group of consumers for their products and services. The volume of the show is set on medium, and the subject sits on his couch reading a textbook on his lap, and he frequently glances up at the screen. When commercial breaks occur, he uses the remote control to mute the show, and began to read from the textbook at a rapid pace. He certainly does not stay focused on the screen
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Essay #1 on Flow - Glazer 1 Jay Glazer CTCS 191 Etan Ilfeld...

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