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SUNY Geneseo, Department of Physics and Astronomy Physics 125: Analytical Physics II Summary of ElectroMagnetism Forces: Electric Magnetic Force between point charges (Coulomb’s Law) 12 2 0 1 ˆ 4 QQ Fr r πε = G There are no monopoles! Force between very long charged rods 0 1 2 F Ld λλ = Force between wires with currents 0 2 ii F μ π = Field creation: Electric Magnetic Electric field from charge (also sometimes called Coulomb’s Law) Alternate version (Gauss’s Law) 1 2 0 1 ˆ 4 Q Er r = G enc 0 1 E EdA q ε =Φ = G G i v There are no monopoles! Alternate version (Gauss’s Law for Magnetism) 0 B BdA G G i v There is nothing sensible to put here Magnetic field from current segment (Law of Biot-Savart) Alternate version (Ampere’s Law) 0 2 ˆ 4 ds r dB i r × = G G 0en c loop B ds i = G G
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