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MAE 306 Fall 2008 HW 9 Due 5:00 PM, Thursday April 17, 2008 ADCNS 1. (2 points) Write a paragraph describing the most significant attitude disturbances on your spacecraft project. Use formulas from SMAD, from class, or elsewhere to estimate them. 2. (2 points) Select and size a set of ADCNS actuators for your spacecraft project. You’ll probably want at least one type of thruster and at least one type of momentum actuator. Defend your choices and explain your sizing by using formulas in SMAD, from class, or elsewhere. Structures 3. (2 points) What is the deployment rate of a passive mechanism tested on a fixed base in a way that offloads gravity, and whose drive torque is 10 Nm, whose
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Unformatted text preview: viscous damper provides 1000 Nm/(rad/sec) damping, and that must deploy a body whose inertia about the mechanism joint is 1 kg m 2 ? 4. (2 points) Provide an exploded-view sketch of the structure of your spacecraft similar to the one in the Lecture 21 Powerpoint slides (on Blackboard). Label the parts. Be sure that significant mass items, such as the fuel tanks and the payload, are supported for launch-load considerations. 5. (2 points) Describe one of the deployments on your spacecraft: justify why it has to be deployed, and suggest a mechanical means for deploying it....
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