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CTCS_200_ID's - Films and Directors Scarface(Howard Hawks...

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Films and Directors : Scarface (Howard Hawks, 1932) M (Fritz Lang, 1933) Trouble in Paradise (Ernst Lubitsch, 1932) Little Miss Marker (Alexander Hall, 1933) Zero for Conduct (Jean Vigo, 1933) Counterpoint to Leni School of mass mayhem, kids running wild: praises rebellion, thinking for yourself; reaction against discipline Example of Poetic Realism (French) Triumph of the Will (Leni Reifenstahl, 1935) Most famous filmmaker of Nazi era Started as actress in silent era. Doc feature made on Nazi part congress in Nuremburg in 1934. Hitler put many resources there—16 cameras, huge buildings erected 2 hours of Nazi ideology and fervor, military strength Olympia (Leni Reifenstahl, 1938) See OLYMPICS IN FILM term Rules of the Game (Jean Renoir, 1939) Contrast between declining aristocratic class and working class in sardonic form No one is villain; servants parallel upper class’ romances Large, intricate sets to convey lots of interactions Long takes Failure at time of release His Girl Friday (Howard Hawks, 1940) o Insiders vs. Outsiders Meaning of life comes from pursuing a life’s work with a group of like-minded individuals o Low Emotions – eccentric ranting o Downplaying of social messages o Tough Female Characters Career focused, ambitious, solo Almost an advanced dream of liberated women 1
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Act like men to get respect Fast-paced, overlapping dialogue Clip: Three people in a café, two are getting married and the third (an ex) wants to keep it from happening Straightforward cinematography Structure o Stave off the marriage and get Hildy working for the paper again o Trickster: getting the seat he wants, out of the bill, manipulating the conversation, etc o Obstacles: train, mother, insurance policy, newspaper story, wedding (with clear deadlines) Theorists Robert Warshaw Anton Kaes Charles Eckert Sam Raphaelson Taylor Downing Andre Bazin Robin Wood Terms/ Styles/Events to know Transition to Sound Dated from 1927, WB’s The Jazz Singer; systems little success before mid 1920s because of sound and image synchonization and amplifier issues By mid 1932, conversion to sound almost complete in US SEE HANDOUT Consequences of World War I for film production and distribution US film popular even before war War caused cessation for many European filmmakers US saw opportunity to expand; began to market own product direct, opening distribution branches and collecting profits themselves, rather than indirectly through i.e. London After war, US maintained lead because of economic factors—high production values in Hollywood since 1910s, and importing American film is still often cheaper than producing one locally Popular Hollywood Genres of the 1930s Musical: introduction of sound promoted o Backstage musicals: motivating their numbers as performances by their characters, series of films made by WB and choreographed by
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CTCS_200_ID's - Films and Directors Scarface(Howard Hawks...

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