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1 BIOL334 SAMPLE MID-TERM EXAM QUESTIONS - WEEKS 3 - 5 (answer key on last page) 1. For the reaction A -----> B, ΔG o' = -32 kJ/mol . The reaction is started in water (in a test-tube) with 10 mmol of A & 0 mmol B. After 48 hours, chemical analysis revealed the presence of 8 mmol A, & 2 mmol B. Which is the likely explanation? (A) A and B have attained equilibrium concentrations (B) Equilibrium has not been reached since B formation is kinetically slow (C) The result described is impossible, given that ΔG o' = - 32 kJ/mol (D) An enzyme has shifted the equilibrium to A (E) Formation of B is thermodynamically unfavourable ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Which of the following statements is NOT correct: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Acetyl-CoA hydrolase catalyzes the following reaction: acetyl-CoA + H 2 0 acetate + CoA. A chemist is provided with the following information: Oxaloacetate + acetyl-CoA + H 2 0 citrate + CoA ; ∆G o ' = -32 kJ/mol Oxaloacetate + acetate citrate ; ∆G o ' = -2 kJ/mol From this information the biochemist concludes that the reaction catalyzed by acetyl-CoA hydrolase: 4. Complete the fo llowing sentence correctly. The majority of enzymes in a catabolic pathway…
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