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Biology 22: Introduction to Evolution and Ecology Winter 2008 Compiled Study Questions The following study questions were written by your fellow students, and at least one will appear on the first exam. Keep in mind that these questions focus on just a few topics and do not cover all the material that may appear on the exam. Thus you should not use this as a comprehensive study guide! 1. A young healthy couple would like to have a child. However, the woman is aware that her aunt died early in life from the recessive autosomal Tay-Sachs disease. The man, upon further research, finds that his grandfather carried the recessive allele for the disease. The couple is concerned because this disease has no cure and is usually fatal by the age of five. During life, symptoms may include mental retardation, neurological deterioration and many others. Based on the genetic history, what recommendation would you make to the couple? Assume that there is no other source of the disease than those two individuals within either family. 2. A child who has grown up in a small town without a father learns one day that his father still lives in that same town. The child has red hair, is very short for his age, and is an accomplished pianist, so he looks for short men in town who have red hair and play instruments as candidates for his father. In the child’s ignorance of Mendelian genetics, what factor(s) related to nature and nurture is the child overlooking? 3. Dwayne from the movie Little Miss Sunshine is color blind. Since neither of his parents knew he was color blind, it seems likely that neither of them is color blind. He is wondering which of his parents he got the color blindness from. He asks you for help. Use Punnett squares to determine who gave him the color
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Compiled_Study_Questions1 - Biology 22: Introduction to...

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