ENG 4W - The Cherry Orchard

ENG 4W - The Cherry Orchard - Natasha Albert Professor...

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Professor Lopez English 4W May 2, 2007 “The Cherry Orchard” Mrs. Ranevsky: Was the cherry orchard sold? Lopakhin: It was. Mrs. Ranevsky: Who bought it? Lopakhin: I did. [Pause] [Mrs. Ranevsky is overwhelmed and would have fallen if she had not been standing near an armchair and a table. Varya takes the keys from her belt, throws them on the floor in the middle of the drawing-room and goes out.] Lopakhin: I bought it. Just a moment, everybody, if you don’t mind. I feel a bit muddled, I cant talk. [Laughs.] When we got to the auction Deriganov was already there. Gayev only had fifteen thousand, and straight off Deriganov bid thirty on top of the arrears on the mortgage. I saw how things were going, so I weighed in myself and bid forty. He bid forty-five. I went up to fifty-five. He kept raising his bid five thousand, you see, and I was going up in tens. Anyway, it finished in the end. I bid ninety thousand roubles plus the arrears. And I got it. And now the cherry orchard is mine. Mine! [Gives a loud laugh.] Great God in heaven, the cherry orchard’s mine! Tell me I’m drunk or crazy, say it’s all a dream . [Stamps his feet.] Don’t laugh at me. If my father and grandfather could only rise from their graves and see what happened, see how their Yermolay – Yermolay who was always being beaten, who could hardly write his name and ran round barefoot in winter – how this same Yermolay bought this estate, the most beautiful place in the world. I’ve bought the estate where my father and grandfather were slaves, where they weren’t even allowed inside the kitchen. I must be dreaming, I must be imagining it all. It can’t be true. This is all a figment of your imagination wrapped in the mists of obscurity . [Picks up the keys, smiling fondly.] She threw away the keys to show she’s not in charge here now . [Jingles the keys.] Oh well, never mind . [The band is heard tuning up.] Hey, you in the band, give us a tune, I want to hear you. Come here, all of you, and you just watch Yermolay Lopakhin get his axe into that cherry orchard, watch the trees come crashing down. We’ll fill the place with cottages. Our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren will see a few changes round here. Music, boys!
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ENG 4W - The Cherry Orchard - Natasha Albert Professor...

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