Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Chapter 12: Negotiations Handling of...

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Chapter 12: Negotiations Handling of competitive communication requires: - commitment to org values and ethical standards - strong verbal and listening skills - interpersonal communication ability - understanding of group roles - norms - dynamics Argumentativeness – an inclination to argue or a fondness for arguing Verbal aggressiveness – the tendency to attack other people instead of other points of view Types of verbal aggressiveness: - character attacks - threats - teasing - appearance attacks - competence attacks - nonverbal signs - ridicule - insults - ethnic or gender slurs - profanity Four reasons for verbal aggressiveness: - psychopathy - dislike of others - social learning - desperation psychopathy – a mental disorder that can stimulate attacks on people Social learning – observing and imitating parents, siblings, peers, and significant others who use verbal aggressiveness To control verbal aggressiveness: - conduct a thorough analysis of the situation - provide logical reasoning for your position - develop careful interpretation of conflict issues - evaluate your position and that of your partner Negotiation – usually a planned and structured process of communication Formal bargaining – develops when recurring issues require deliberation and confrontation over time. Ex. Labor- management negotiations Formal bargaining is: - recurring - anticipated - planned - structured Informal bargaining – quite prevalent in the workplace, usually involves spontaneous situations that seldom repeated 3 dimensions to negotiation: - information management - concessions - positioning Positioning – moving the focus of the negotiation to issues that are important to you
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12: Negotiations Handling of...

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