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MB351 General Microbiology FAQs Does Dr. Keen “curve” the exam grades? Depends on what you mean by “curve”. The short answer is yes - Dr. Keen adds points (everyone in the class receives the same number) to MB351 exam grades to adjust the highest exam grade to 100 . By the way: Adding points to the class average is not really a “curve”. Curving grades means taking all student exam scores and grouping them so that fixed percentages of the class gets As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Fs. Would you like to take a class where the instructor does that? I have to miss a lecture(s) due to a university excused absence. Do I need to notify Dr. Keen? No. But remember, even though you have a university excused absence, as long as you are a member of the MB351 class you are responsible for the material presented
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Unformatted text preview: in every lecture on the exam. So get somebody to take notes for you. What if I have to miss a mid-semester exam? Then you must take the make-up exam. What if I miss an exam due to a university excused absence? You still must take the make-up exam on the scheduled day. What if I have two other exams scheduled on the same day as a Microbiology exam? The “three exams in 24 hours” rule only applies to final, not mid-semester, exams. Can I take the make-up exam early? Sorry. Make-up exams are only given on the day designated in the MB351 class syllabus. What if I miss more than one exam? Then you will take more than one make-up exam on the designated make-up exam day. What if I miss the final exam? You will be assigned an “F” letter grade in the course....
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