L3 Simple Molecules

L3 Simple Molecules - Small Molecules Topics Bonding Groups...

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1 Small Molecules Bonding, Groups and Monomers The Main Elements: (C, N, O, H, S, P) Bonding: (Ionic, covalent and weak interactions) Groups : (amine, carboxyl, hydroxyl, sulfhydryl and phosphate) Monomers: (amino acids, nucleotides, fatty acids, sugars) Where did the first molecules come from? Topics
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2 The Important (Exam) Stuff Describe the major elements found in biological systems. Explain the difference between ionic, covalent and hydrogen bonding. Describe the different function groups found in simple biochemicals. Explain how many of the simple monomeric compounds discussed are the building blocks of larger polymeric biomolecules. Describe the two hypotheses explaining the origin of life on Earth. The Main Elements The six most important elements found in living cells C, H, N, O are the most abundant P and S are relatively minor components Molecular models use this color scheme
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