hw3-corr - Probablistic Graphical Models, Spring 2007...

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Probablistic Graphical Models, Spring 2007 Homework 3 Due at the beginning of class on 11/05/07 Instructions There are five questions in this homework. The last question involves some programming which should be done in MATLAB. Do not attach your code to the writeup. Make a tarball of your code and output, name it < userid > .tgz where your userid is your CS or Andrew id, and copy it to /afs/cs/academic/class/10708- f07/hw3/ < userid > . If you are not submitting this from an SCS machine, you might need to authenticate yourself first. See http://www.cs.cmu.edu/ help/afs/cross realm.html for instructions. If you are not a CMU student and don’t have a CS or Andrew id, email your submission to 10708-07-instr@cs.cmu.edu. You are allowed to use any of (and only) the material distributed in class for the homeworks. This includes the slides and the handouts given in the class 1 . Refer to the web page for policies regarding collaboration, due dates, and extensions. 1 [10 pts] Score Equivalence Recall the definition of score equivalence covered in class. A scoring function is called score-equivalent if the score of two I-equivalent BNs( ie with set of independencies) is the same. A simple prior, called the K2 prior, that can be used in the Bayesian score to score BNs is to take a fixed Dirichlet distribution Dirichlet ( α,α,. ..,α ) (for this problem, assume α is 1) for every parameter. Show that the Bayesian score with such a K2 prior is not score equivalent. Hint: construct a data set for which the score of the network X Y differs from the score of X Y . 2
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hw3-corr - Probablistic Graphical Models, Spring 2007...

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