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Unformatted text preview: Chap 4 23 Analogy and Exemplification 23.1 expressing likeness or exemplification #1: N1 N2 N1 looks like N2. N1 is similar to N2. N1 is like N2. #2: N1 -adj N2 noun N2 that looks like N1 N2 that is like N1 Correction (G23, p.191, 23.1 #2) looks, personality, etc colloquial speech #3: N1 N2 Verb/Adj. N1 does something (V) like N2 N1 is (Adj) like N2 Do something (V2) like V1. #5: V N an N that seems to be V-ing/V-ed. 23.2 Describing the appearances of people and things X has ____ like ____. Adj. Adj V N visual Etc non-visual (smell) (feeling) correction p.192, 23.2 Contractions in Colloquial Speech ...
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