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Unformatted text preview: Ch 4 G24: N1 Essential, permanent/quasi-permanent attribute of people and things. N2 Adjective. N1`s N2 is/are [adjective]. As for N1, its/his/her N2 is [adjective]. These 2 sentences mean almost the same; What is the difference between these two sentences? This sentence is more analytical in perception. N1 N2 intransitive Verb (expressing abilities) (to be visible), (to be audible), etc. ( ( Do you understand my Japanese? Can you hear the sound of the wind? Can you see the blackboard? (be visible) vs (be able to see) ** Night at the Museum Tinseltown ...can watch it at ... Tinseltown ** (be audible) vs (be able to listen) Can you hear me? Te-form Where can I listen to ... ** Expressing needs and necessity: (verb), ( -adjective) I need money. I need money. Adjective: Verb: to feel nauseated to feel dizzy Adjectives: [expressing emotion] I have a stomach ache. I am hungry. (third person) cf. vs ...
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