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Unformatted text preview: v{~Y%V 2E R ((cevhY2 2d 3 2 ca a ( 5 a 5 7hYX l F Q f l F D 5 l l Y d2( with and E2(cvhY2( a 0$ 75F#0n'nR"g! l . Hence, 1{ { m a a Y a 1 `Y w 7 5 vhY 5 y dx 5 Y 1{ H| T H| T v~}| { m hxu a a y ' vhY% w 5 vhYX 5 z m RG'cx`Yn w HEG7wv`YXd1 Q w 75'k6r Q a 5 a 5 ts p 5 a ts ' u5'Fr Q q Q a o j U l 2l T n7Sm a A S id2 T f7ha2ggf7d al a 5 e2idkjgl 7bf Chapter 8, Problem 2. The quantity of interest is . Hence and the plug-in estimator is . . The variance of the estimator is which implies that , an approximate 90 per cent interval...
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