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Dr. Slack Exam3 for web

Dr. Slack Exam3 for web - Question 1(6 pts Gastrulation...

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1 Question 1 (6 pts) Gastrulation involves the invagination of tissue into the embryo during development. What is the purpose of this event (list at least 2 key phenomena)? Question 2 a.(8 pts) You are interested in pancreas development. You identify a mouse mutant that does not make a pancreas. You clone the gene corresponding to this mutation and call the gene nopancreas . You find that the gene is specifically expressed in the tissue immediately adjacent to the presumptive pancreatic tissue (presumptive pancreatic tissue is the tissue from which the pancreas will form). What is the most likely role of the normal nopancreas gene and what process is started by the nopancreas gene to allow development of the pancreas? b.(3 pts) Why does the nopancreas mutant fail to make a pancreas? c.(3 pts) You search the genome databases and find that frogs, chickens and humans also have nopancreas gene. Frog nopancreas mutants also fail to develop a pancreas. What do these facts tell us about the nopancrease gene?
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