JPN412L Comp1 - JPN412L Chapter 4 Composition 1 Topic Write...

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JPN412L Chapter 4: Composition 1 Topic: Write about one of the presidential candidates you like or dislike. Describe him/her: appearance, his/her background, why you like/dislike him/her, etc. Reader: Japanese college students Length: 400 characters. If you are using MSWord, use the word count ( Asian characters ) found under “Tools” bar You must type the composition double-spaced . Do not consult with others ; write and revise by yourself . Read “ Policy on Scholastic Dishonesty” again. ! Review the handouts "Composition by Word Processor" and "Using Japanese Word Processing Program." whenever you have a question about the format of Composition using word processor. • Please turn in a hard copy (no CD, or no e-mail submission). Computer problems are NOT an excuse for late assignments. Please turn in the coversheet (p.2 of this handout) with the composition. • You will receive feedback, and then turn in a revised version. Please attach the drafts when turning in the corrected version in order to receive full credit. Without writing the drafts, you won't receive any credit even if you turn in the "final" version by the deadline. • Use English-Japanese/Japanese-English Glossaries at the end of the textbooks (Yookoso I and II)
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JPN412L Comp1 - JPN412L Chapter 4 Composition 1 Topic Write...

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