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REL121 midterm terms - REL-121 Midterm Study Guide...

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REL-121 Midterm Study Guide Knemon: (Menander) is”Bad Tempered Man”; grumpy, mean old man, hard worker, peasant who labors and toils his whole life, does not like people, spends time working on rocky hills far away from others Peasant: live in chora, consist of 85-90% of people Chora: agriculturally ideal land that surrounds polis (city) and is owned by aristocrats, peasants work on it, 90% of the population Kyrios: head of the family, makes the decisions, husband, master, father; has duty to right/duty to find daughter a husband Pan: begins “Bad Tempered Man” prologue; Greek God of flocks, responsible for people’s fertility, important diety of chora; also a war diety; he is depicted as upper half human and lower half is goat, has a beard; casts a spell on Sostratos to fall madly in love with Kenemone’s daughter (?) Mageiros: a hired slave; Sikon is this and is a cook in “Bad Tempered Man”; take care of sacrifices (meat, etc) Exposure: aristocrats leave their unwanted children in the chora to be found, and adopted by peasants Lamon: (Daphnis and Chloe- Longus), goat herder, Dapinis’ father, a peasant Syntrophos: (feed together) when an aristocratic baby is born, father goes out and purchases a same gender baby (a slave) and its mother, mother becomes wet nurse and child becomes playmate, he becomes house manager/main slave of household; ex: Eudromos is a syntrophos to Astyles in “Longus” Aristrocratic household: urban slaves and chora slaves/tenants, consist of 100 people; central social institution; provides housing for the man’s wife and children Eros: god of love Kottalos: son of Metrotime and teacher is Lampriskos; he has problems reading and in school b/ c he is dislexic; mother talks to teacher and wants her to flog him to motivate son to learn and attend school Primary curriculum: 7-11 yrs when complete this level; learn how to read and write Greek and arithmetic, learn alphabet, syllables, words then sentences; difficult to learn b/c all letters in capitals, no spaces or punctuation; Homer as social marker: can distinguish who is aristocrat by correctness of grammar and
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ability to recite literature in daily life Agamemnon vs. Achilles: in Iliad; Agamemnon takes a priests daughter, prays for her back, Apollo gets mad, sends plague, stopped when he gives her back, takes Achilles girl as a replacement; Achilles mad, stops fighting, goes home; Troy going to win, his man puts on his army leads greeks to battle, killed by hector, Achilles fights to avenge death Paidagogos: older male slave, responsible for the day to day duties of a boy, go to school with him, watches out for him, make sure he does his studies Ephebes: boy on the verge of manhood Choice of Herakles: a story told a the end of secondary curriculum; Apollo is at same stage in life as boys are in, one personifies vice (ease, pleasure, no work) and the other personifies virtue (work hard and be satisfied) Wreath of wild olive: given to the athletes who win an Olympic event
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REL121 midterm terms - REL-121 Midterm Study Guide...

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