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Notes about Laws…Women

Notes about Laws…Women - death or artistic habits The...

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Notes about Laws…Women (history) Do new laws bring about social change? Middle 5 th century b.c. which changed qualification for Athenian citizenship. Citizen = born of mother and father being Athenian. Reflected a possessive and exclusive attitude. Was proposed by perkiles to limit citizenship to those freeborn because of NUMBER OF CITIZENS. “descent of two Athenians is better than one.” Symbolic statement had effect on how Athenians viewed their idenity. Three possible changes in Athens: a. change in attitudes of women, attitudes of
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Unformatted text preview: death, or artistic habits. The last one least likely, only appeal to those who subscribe to the view that art has its own momentum which is independent to society at large. • 440-430B.C. vase with woman kneeling at another woman’s grave. • Link between death and marriage grow more prominent over time. • Story of Alcestis: woman submit to an early death herself to let husband be exempt from death altogether Resume on p. 28 -#155...
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