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REL 121 Study Guide_Midterm#1 - Religion Study Guide...

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Religion Study Guide Midterm #1 Knemon Main character of the play “bad tempered man” Peasant man = always laboring, toiling Mean, grouchy, does not like people at all, works far away from everyone. He only speaks to his daughter Story takes place in the chora. Peasant Agricultural workers Farmers, fisherman, etc. 1) Tenant Peasants – free people 2) Slave Peasants – owned by the householder, live w/aristocrats and raise family on land of aristocrats. 3) Independent Peasants – own their own land, free people, wealthy. Chora Agriculturally productive land surrounding the polis Housed 80-90% of the people Mostly peasants lived there, Only 10% of the population was not peasants Most people lived in villages for protection, Usually extended 6-10 miles Kyrios Head of the household takes on the responsibility of marrying off his daughter to the best possible suitor. Example “Bad Tempered Man”, Knemon passes the role to Gorgias who marries his dauaghter to Sostratos. Pan The play “The Bad Tempered Man” opens with the god Pan. Pan is the greek god of flocks (sheep, goats, cattle) who is responsible for the fertility of those animals o Responsible for the skills it takes to be a herder, such as playing the pan pipes, used to control flocks o An important deity of the chora o Also a war deity, as we see in Longus; when two forces come together, one side loses its nerve and turns tail and runs. (When one side pan ics and is defeated. Pan is that moment that they feel). o Depicted as a half-human (human top), half-animal deity (goat bottom). He has a beard called a goatee. Mageiros This is a hired slave, who is called a cook. This is a very skilled slave role. The mageiros knows how to: 1. sacrifice an animal properly 2. Kill an animal (butcher it)
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3. cook the meat Because meat is only ate seldomly, a mageiros is not needed most of the month, and is rented out to other families that need a mageiros. Sikon is an example of a Mageiros in “The Bad Tempered Man”. He is hired by Sostratos’s mother. Exposure In the story, Daphnis and Chloe by Longus, the herder, Lamon, notices that one of his goats leaves to nurse a baby (Daphnis) who has been exposed with valuable tokens. 2 years later, Dryas finds another baby exposed (Chloe) with tokens being nursed by an ewe. This story would strike someone from the new testammment as highly unusual. During the world of the New Testament, the following would occur pertaining to child birth: 1. The midwife would usually take the baby and present it to the father, who had 10 days whether to accept it as his own 2. If the baby happened to be normal, typically he would accept it, though he had 10 days to decide whether or not he wanted to expose it ( exposure ) 3. To have a baby survive “ exposure” is highly unusual, so the reader is to suppose that somebody is looking out for Daphnis and Chloe. In this story, the nymphs were responsible for their survival. Lamon
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REL 121 Study Guide_Midterm#1 - Religion Study Guide...

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