mt1-f06 - CS 161 Fall 2006 P RINT your name: Computer...

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CS 161 Computer Security Fall 2006 Joseph/Tygar Midterm 1 PRINT your name: , (last) (first) SIGN your name: PRINT your Unix account name: PRINT your TA’s name: R EAD ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY . You are allowed to bring one 8.5” × 11” page of handwritten notes with you, but no books, printouts, or other study aids. Calculators, computers, and other electronic devices are not permitted. Please turn off cell phones and music players and keep them off your desk, and remove headphones. Write your answers in the spaces provided in the test; in particular, we will not grade anything on the back of an exam page unless we are clearly told on the front of the page to look there. Please explain all work, but be concise. If you think there is an error or a significant ambiguity in the exam, please bring it to the attention of the exam proctor. You have 80 minutes. There are 4 questions, of varying credit (100 points total). The questions are of varying difficulty, so avoid spending too long on any one question. Do not turn this page until your proctor tells you to do so. Problem 1 Problem 2 Problem 3 Problem 4 Total CS 161, Fall 2006, Midterm 1 1
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Problem 1. [Defnitions] (16 points) Please give a short (one sentence) definition for each of the following terms. (2 points apiece) (a) (Cryptanalysis) Brute-force attack (b) (Cryptanalysis) Known-plaintext attack
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mt1-f06 - CS 161 Fall 2006 P RINT your name: Computer...

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