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PHM 2204 Lecture 19 Supplement

PHM 2204 Lecture 19 Supplement - PHM 2204 David Copp...

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PHM 2204 Fall, 2007 David Copp WATERBOARDING It is controversial in the United States whether ‘waterboarding’ should be classified as torture. Let us therefore call it “torture*,” leaving it open whether to consider it torture. If waterboarding is torture, it is a criminal offense and it is unlawful under international law. In 1947, according to the Washington Post (10/5/06), the U.S. charged a Japanese officer with war crimes for subjecting a U.S. civilian to a form of waterboarding. Here is a link to a video that shows what waterboarding is like and that includes discussions about torture: <http://current.com/items/76347282_getting_waterboarded > A French journalist, Henri Alleg, was subjected to waterboarding and other forms of torture by French forces during the Algerian War of Independence. He described his experience in his book, The Question (1958), which was recently translated into English and published by the University of Nebraska Press. He reported (pp. 49-50) that he was
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