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PHM 2204 Final Paper Instructions

PHM 2204 Final Paper Instructions - PHM 2204 David Copp...

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PHM 2204 Fall, 2007 David Copp FINAL PAPER: WATERBOARDING It is controversial in the United States whether ‘waterboarding’ should be classified as torture. Let us therefore call it “torture*,” leaving it open whether it is literally torture. There is a file that discusses waterboarding in this learning module. Use the information in it as background for your paper. It is plausible that we have a moral right not to be tortured*. If so, it would be morally wrong to subject someone to waterboarding. Nevertheless, in a “ticking bomb case,” it is plausible that certain forms of torture* would be permissible. This suggests that torture* is not morally wrong in every possible circumstance. The interesting question is whether there are circumstances that have actually obtained, or that political leaders reasonably should anticipate and plan for , in which waterboarding and other techniques of torture* would be morally permissible. With all of this in mind,
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