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Kitty Chow, Inc. Manufacturing Group You are the Manufacturing Group representative to the New Product Development Team. Your boss is a little nervous about this new fish product. The company has always made a pate’-like canned cat food in the past. She’s not sure it can even be made. Even so, she has shared with you the department’s best estimates for making this new product, and hopes you will convey this important information to your group. 1. To make this product in-house, we have to start small ( a regional rollout) for a couple of months until we can work everything out. Then we can handle national volumes. The earliest we can start, even with the smaller quantities, is October 2008. We, of course, believe this is the best option. We want to have this capability in-house. 2. The only alternative to in-house production is to outsource production to the
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Unformatted text preview: Wazee Fish Cannery. They are experienced in dealing with whole fish, fish fillets and chunks. They also have the capacity to handle a national rollout. However, they cost about twice as much as in-house production. The earliest they can produce is also October, 2008. 3. If the company chooses to outsource production and then subsequently wants to bring production back in-house, the in-house plants would need three months of running regional product runs to get up to speed to handle national volumes. 4. We dont think the product made at our plant looks exactly like the product from Wazee Fish Cannery. Their product looks a little more like human food tuna. Maybe thats why theyre more expensive....
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