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MBAC 6030 Final Exam Due: December 19 th , 2007 at 6:30 pm. You may submit an electronic copy of the report. The data you will analyze describe metal alloy that has been recovered and processed by a metal recovery firm. Each observation shows the recovery firm’s selling price per pound*, the date it was offered up for bid and percent metal content of one shipment of the recovered alloy (average weight 43,148 pounds per shipment, with a range from 41,682 pounds to 44,352 pounds). Each shipment consisted of 31 "pigs" of about 1,391 pounds each of mixed metals. Eight other metals (Fe, Cu, Mn, Mg, Sn, Ni, V, Zr) were in the original database but are not included in this data set. Note that several of the observations do not have a date. Source: Confidential. Objective: Determine the best model to use for predicting Price/lb of the aluminum alloy. To be presented in a short report with appropriate appendices. Keep in mind that “complete yet concise” is the goal. You do not need to explain
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