Chapter 1 - Accounts receivable from customers: money owed...

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Accounts receivable from customers:  money owed to the firm by a customer for a  good/service already purchased. Creditors:  Provides funds to firms that require that the firm repay the funds, usually with  interest, in specific amounts at specific dates. Dividends:  distributions from firms to owners as decided by the firm. Financing Activities:  obtaining funds from two principle sources: owners and creditors. Goals:  A firm’s targets or end results toward which the firm directs its energies. Inventories:  amount of finished product on hand to sell to customers. Investing Activities:  a firm’s use of funds, generally on land, buildings, equipment; patents,  licenses, and other contractual rights; common shares or bonds of other firms; inventories;  accounts receivable from customers; and cash. 
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